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In a simple windows setup, I extract downloaded libraries to


When Kontakt opens, the browser on the left side will list the folders there, click on the one you want to use, and the contents will be listed. Drag a .nki or sample etc to the main panel on the right. When the content loads, there is a wrench icon in the upper left of it’s gui, that opens full the editing options that are available.

If you choose to open more content, to hear them together, multi-timbrally (layered) change the midi channel of each new one to either ‘omni’, or channel 1, by way of the controls in the midi channel selector in the lower left of the content’s gui.

The Decent-Sampler, by kontrast, is dramatically easy to use, and each instrument will offer several pertinent controls to use, and the rest is just making music…many times it is great therapy to just play a grand piano with a choir or strings in the backround, the framed rocket science degree laid face down on the mantle…and the credit card safely ensconced for the occasional emergency. Decent, indeed.