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You definitely don’t want the commas in there, so this:

<sample loopEnabled=”true” loopStart=”0″ loopEnd=”000,307,0,94″ loNote=”21″ hiNote=”21″ rootNote=”21″ path=”Stopwatch drum and bass loop.wav”

should be:

<sample loopEnabled="true" loopStart="0" loopEnd="307094" loNote="21" hiNote="21" rootNote="21" path="Stopwatch drum and bass loop.wav"

Also I found your quotation marks not to be standard (maybe this was just an artifact of pasting to this forum). Be sure you are using a plain text editor like notepad on windows or TextEdit on Mac, and do not save in RTF (rich text format).

That will assign the key A0. Also, be sure the path is from wherever this file is saved to the samples. If you have the samples in a subfolder called “samples” for example, use path=”samplesStopwatch drum and bass loop.wav”