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Hi! @synthiemental any information about how to export to sfz from Kontakt 4 or 5? I don’t see this as a native feature anywhere I look, the only thing I know of that can do it is the third-party chicken systems software (which I don’t own and can’t currently afford).

That said, this was also made with Kontakt 6 (Silly mistake of mine, as I own kontakt 5 ). If this is a native feature I would be happy to do it with future libraries if someone could show me what to do, otherwise I would be very appreciative for someone to translate this instrument. I can provide images of any / all of the key mappings, I’ll gladly share the scripting for it, and all of the samples are labeled by note and velocity (chronologically).

I’m not familiar with building sfz instruments at the moment though, and I want spend my allocated sampling time to building new instruments for the community.