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I was having the same problems with this instrument and am relatively new to the full version of Kontakt (two days!), so I wasn’t sure what Andrew Foust (above) meant about the mod wheel. I was fiddling about with the pitch bend on my very basic Casio MIDI keyboard for a few seconds when I realised… He means the mod wheel you see when you click on the spanner icon in Kontakt. A diagram of the active keys on the keyboard pops up at the bottom of the Kontakt window. IMMEDIATELY to the left of this is a narrow strip that turns blue when you mouse click on it and pull up the volume. The audio should then work – it does for me.

Sorry for all of whom this is in ‘teaching Granny to suck eggs’ territory but we’re not all Native Instruments whizzes. Some of us are no kind of whizzes at all.

Anyway, thanks, Matthew Jones for the great sounding instrument!