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Keith Theodosiou

Well said Richard.

I have gone through self doubt about my composing ability too, I think most composers do.

When I started composing my own music, I thought it was great, I thought I had a real talent. ok, so I was wrong lol. There is nothing wrong in being self confident in what you do but the bottom line is, it’s not us that matters, It’s what other hear and think of our music that matters.

I once posted that I have spent over 20k on instruments and software so I can write music for myself as no one else listens to it. So is it an expensive hobby for a lot of us?
Well the only way of making it in the music biz is this way and you either get a break and it starts paying off or you don’t.

I have always believed there are 100’s of John Williams and Hans Zimmers out there but most will go un noticed specially now days as there are so many ‘bedroom studios’ producing fantastic music.

Just write music to your ability and put it out there on internet platforms and just leave them there. You may only get a few hits but one day, the right person might stumble upon one of your pieces and that could change your life.
Just believe in what you do 🙂