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Keith Theodosiou

Thanks Conner, yeah maybe we all make bad choices sometimes but I didn’t have anyone tell me these things when I was younger. At least now, I can put my story out there for others to make them think.
As for me now, I am 62 so realistically, it’s a bit late.
That’s why I said at my age I should be these things cos I started from 6 yrs old.

As for being a concert pianist, or famous, I am one of those types that think it wouldn’t make me feel that i’m better than anyone else so I would still be here and do what I do.

It’s all about interacting with people that you have a lot in common with.
Fame for most people tends to make them feel above everyone else.
I am a Human being just like everyone else on this planet and in my eyes, we are all the same if you know what I mean lol