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Marcus Manderson

Thanks for the update, S Fyffe.

Naturally, after submitting a demo for every Pianobook library to date, I have a unique perspective on the new demo policy that I’m not sure has been considered. I’ll share my thoughts below (I also shared a similar message on Soundcloud):

Thanks for sharing (the new demo submission policy). May you let me know the thinking for no longer accepting multiple demos?

I only ask because when I started working on them over a year ago, I noticed from then until now that there were literally hundreds of Pianobook libraries that had no demos at all.

My initial goal was to make sure every library had at least 1 demo.

Looking at just the last several weeks of libraries, 10 of them have 1 demo (mine) and 4 of them have 0 demos (until the ones I submitted get approved).

Given the new setup, of the 14 Pianobook libraries that have recently been released, only 1 of them would have a demo.

I also wouldn’t be surprised if there were dozens if not more than a hundred libraries with just 1 demo. I would also say, with 25 weeks left in the year and a possibility of over 100 more libraries being added to pianobook, with the new demo policy, the potential for 1/4 to 1/2 of those libraries to not have any demos at all is now increased.

I would also be willing to discuss in a Zoom/video call if needed.

How can I ask the Pianobook team to reconsider this decision?

Thanks for your consideration!