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Jeremy Giraudeau

hey again and thanks all for following-up with this,

I should have brought a precision that I forgot. If I’m correct, there are two ‘main’ ways to load a DS instrument.
Through FILE… (that bo din screenshot) or through BROWSE > MY LIBRARIES (which is what I used)

I thought both where behaving the same way, but it doesn’t seem so.
FILE… rescan and synch the library path when you change it and tell him, so it’s great and it seems to be up-to-date.

However MY LIBRARIES doesn’t, it duplicates the instrument with the new path and keep the old one.
I regenerated SampleLibrary.db, and even installed a fresh new update from scratch for DS, that those old paths kept being here.

I can DELETE those duplicated instruments one by one, which I did, so it’s fine now.
But I’m still curious to understand why does this behaves this way.