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uki stuff

I have no idea about coding or making presets for DS

I would still reccomend reading a little bit of the documentation, which is linked in the github – and also read some of what i’ve written there myself because it explains a little bit about how to use it, it’s intuitive enough for me but I made it and I have not spent 1 second on r&d so I don’t know how other people get on with it.

can you make an instrument and all the other extras in this?

I had planned on creating an editor for UI & effects, but I have had a lot of higher priority things to do. You’re still welcome to create a UI with text of course, the files it generates are exactly the same as anything you’d write by hand.

do they both work on mac

source is available, so in theory if you have a mac and Unity 2020.2.6f1 you should be able to run the project just fine, and compile it to use without running unity first. same for linux. DecentSampler is available for windows, mac and linux too.