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Luis Lucho

Raúl, this is INCREDIBLE! Thank you for your hard work, I’m sure this conversion tool will be a game changer for DecentSampler and the Pianobook community!

For now, the copy/paste trick you can see in the YT video works only with the old version of EXS24 (not Logic Sampler). I didn’t do extensive researches about Logic Sampler, so if anyone find a way to get the data out of Logic Sampler, this could open the possibility to use Logic Sampler as a development tool for DecentSampler!
But if it is not possible to extract the data from Logic Sampler, there is always this solution: EXS24 can open Logic Sampler instruments, so any Pianobook member who still has an old version of Logic can do the conversion. It is of course a little longer, and it requires more cooperation, but isn’t that the whole point of a community?

This is exciting!