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You might want to contact the Decent Sampler people (person?), of course as there is a contact form on their website. That being said, I had a look around the code.
1. You don’t need to keep unzipping and rezipping the files. If you pull the files out of the zipped folder, I have found that it will run the .dspreset file from the file system (save a bit of time).
2. I found that the two knobs are controlling essentially the same parameter: Amplitude at the group level. This causes competition when both knobs are moving at the same time. Therefore, I changed the binding of the Expression knob to one line:
<binding type="amp" level="instrument" position="0" parameter="AMP_VOLUME" />
instead of the current three lines. Note that the level is set to instrument not group.

This seems to work better. Let me know how it works for you.