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I have 5 and 6 and would be happy to help convert some things, However for me the issue is time, Having a comprehensive list of things that need conversion would be nice.

As for EXS, the TX16Wx loader loads them as does Ableton, so there are options to use them on PC and for free. Also seems not to much an issue now that we just had the EXS to DS conversions. It seems there are a few options for free from DS to SFZ to Hise, But each still has it’s limitations, DS is young, and Dave is active in the community, so that I expect will be the real game changer as time goes on, SFZ is kind of inconsistent and everything is manual in the mapping and routing, so it’s not even an option for someone who is not script literate or has a deep sampled instrument unless they have a lot of time to waste, and Hise is powerful, but requires some real scripting knowledge, and not just the basic KSP stuff someone like me can do.