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Thanks much for the update video! It’s good to associate the person and the passion.
Site suggestions for the long run:
Have a counter for topic views, a good numeric indicator of interest in a given discussion, or at least, it’s title, among those who may not choose to post.

Implement a simple voluntary rating system, where submitters would mark a specific submission as open to a rating process. The Reaktor User Library and vst4free.com use a basic star rating, one through five. I typically weigh the uniqueness of a sampleset, instrument or plugin etc against the star rating, so might download something of interest rated on the low side, just because it was uncommon or unique. With things that are very common, I tend to stick to the fives, or rely on related author descriptions and user discussions for enlightenment.

Private messaging…a nice option

When websites grow, so does the cost in man-hours, site design, and hardware. It never gets easier, until the work load and costs can be distributed among competent helpers.