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I have to agree with Markus’ concerns here. It’s a bit odd to me, because Christian is still producing Pianobook videos on Youtube, so from that perspective it looks like an active project. But when I come here to the site, it has a bit of a ghost town feel.

I’m finding a lot of posts on the forums about people having submitted updates and instruments but have heard nothing, some of them are almost a year old. I’ve been cross-checking some of those posts to the instruments, figuring that perhaps the instruments were updated but nobody bothered to update the forum post. But I’m finding the forum and the lack up updates on the instruments to be in sync with each other.

I have my own updates to submit, and have time to do a lot of conversions now, but I don’t want to waste the time putting activity into a dead project if my submissions will just sit idle for 12+ months and not be available for anyone to use.