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…not to mention helping keep Harrison Mixbus daw improving. Lots to learn from it’s massive manual!

As someone who has downloaded around 15 of these soundsets, it never dawned on me to read any terms, as I never distribute anything more than links in a few emails,and that’s usually youtube content.

Now that you mention it, I like the idea of a little exclusivity regarding access to the sounds. Plus, there are interesting back-stories being posted with most submissions, which I enjoy and learn from.

I would vote to keep things as they are for now, since creators can always extend their offerings as they see fit, and this project is still finding it’s way. Maybe in a year or two, things might be different.

As an aside, I love jackd, and buy Mixbus and updates as a way to indirectly support your work, historic and in the future. If you have a post somewhere detailing Pipewire, I’d like to know your