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Paul, I think using the term ‘open source world’ needs to be more accurate to fit the narrow circumstances being discussed. For actively producing, money-earning artists whose careers might benefit from the speculative future collaborations you mention, how many can be named? Five? Ten? Devoted members of the sometimes tightly wound ‘open-source-only’ “world” expend a lot of energy promoting ideals, but I can’t name a single touring band, published singer-songwriter, or mixing/mastering guru with a waiting list of clients, that is fully open-source, should their hard-drives be analyzed.

In fairness, I don’t get out much, and I’m not on any social media, so until a real open-source star is born, I’ll assume ‘open-source-world’ you speak of is just some number of rabid hobbyists clamoring for their freebies. I would say to them, ‘if you can traverse a daunting linux/bsd learning curve, surely you can secure sounds for future use in times of calamity. Pay some money if you have to. You’ll still be able to see yourself in a mirror, unless the check bounces. (I’ve been using linux since it erupted out of a caldera, when text was green, screens were black, and a vst was something you didn’t want to get from your girlfriend.

My, how times have changed!