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High Myopia guy here (though I can still see well enough to do most of my daily activities without additional tools, except for my glasses). Thanks for the demonstration, very interesting to learn how screen reading works!

It would indeed be great if Decent Sampler supported that functionality. If it’s really mainly about text-to-speech accessibility of parameter names and values, it should not be too difficult to implement. Maybe you can contact David Hilowitz directly? He is a very approachable and generous guy!

Another idea: currently there is active development in the Sfizz sampler, which is set to become a modern sample player for the .sfz format (the other main player for that format, Sforzando, has not been actively developed any further since quite some time and lacks a few features that Sfizz already has). They are open to feature suggestions.

Here is the download: https://sfz.tools/sfizz/downloads
Here you can file a request / issue: https://github.com/sfztools/sfizz/issues

Speaking of Ableton: you can make fonts much larger and use different themes for better contrast, but you have probably tried this before I guess?