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bo din

Kontakt Player is a free version of Kontakt that is really a demo version so you can decide whether to buy it or not.

The Player version comes with 50 instruments from NI that have no restriction.

Kontakt Player has a time limit on libraries of 15 minutes unless the author of the library purchases a license from Native Instruments that allows full access to that library. The license can be very expensive and few people, if any, making libraries for free will want to part with their cash to remove the time limit just for the users of the free Player version.

Of course those of us with the full version of Kontakt don’t have this issue.

Now about those 60 missing samples.
Use Browse For Folder and navigate to the main folder called “Matthias Baden – The Birdcage_Kontakt
Then click on OK
That should load all the samples and get you playing.

I’m not sure you can save the settings for future use with the Player, so you’ll probably have to do this every 15 minutes.