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There is a group of us working to translate the Kontakt-only instruments into SFZ format which can be used with the free Sforzando player. https://www.plogue.com/products/sforzando.html

Some are on the site, some are here: https://github.com/sfzinstruments/mappings/tree/master/Pianobook%20SFZ

I just finished the Gentle Vibes SFZ version and uploaded it, and at your request I have done the ST HELEN CLARINET PAD. However, it takes some time between uploading and it appearing on the site.
If you don’t want to wait, the code is below. Paste it into a pure text file:

Title: St. Helen's Clarinet Pad
Instrument: A clarinet and a viola combined into a blended pad.
This instrument is the perfect example of two instruments, lacking that special
something by themselves, coming together to form a beautiful whole.

http://www.sfzformat.com/ https://plogue.com/products/sforzando.html Recorded by: Ash Verjee https://www.pianobook.co.uk/author/ash-verjee/ Terms of Use: https://www.pianobook.co.uk/terms Published on: Dec 10, 2020 =========================================== SFZ by Sid Place this SFZ file in the folder outside of the Samples folder. */ // Pianobook MVP SFZ Template V 1.0 <control> default_path=St. Helen's Clarinet Pad Samples/ label_cc007=Master Volume label_cc010=Master Pan label_cc074=Brightness label_cc064=Sustain label_cc020=Viola Vol label_cc021=Clarinet Vol set_cc074=127 <global> amplitude_oncc7=100 pan=50 pan_oncc10=200 ampeg_attack=0.005 ampeg_decay=0 ampeg_sustain=100 ampeg_release=1 ampeg_hold=0 ampeg_delay=0 offset=0 note_polyphony=2 note_selfmask=off // soft piano style fil_type=lpf_2p cutoff=200 cutoff_cc074=9600 //=========================================================================== <group> group=1 group_label=Viola lovel=0 hivel=127 locc20=1 hicc20=127 xfin_locc20=1 xfin_hicc20=127 <region> sample=Tape Viola with Reverb.wav hikey=100 lokey=0 pitch_keycenter=G#4 //=================================================================== <group> group=2 group_label=Clarinet lovel=0 hivel=127 locc21=1 hicc21=127 xfin_locc21=1 xfin_hicc21=127 <region> sample=D3.wav hikey=D3 lokey=0 pitch_keycenter=D3 <region> sample=A3.wav hikey=A3 lokey=D#3 pitch_keycenter=A3 <region> sample=E4.wav hikey=E4 lokey=A#3 pitch_keycenter=E4 <region> sample=B4.wav hikey=B4 lokey=E#4 pitch_keycenter=B4 <region> sample=F#5.wav hikey=100 lokey=C4 pitch_keycenter=F#5