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‘@ Tori:
Hi, I’ve had Kontakt for a few years now, and I keep appreciating it more each year. I’ll post some links to what is included in Kontakt, keeping in mind that it will likely be half-price in their Thanksgiving/holiday sale in November, so there are around 130-170 days in which to gather $200, so people are needing to save around $1.50 a day, and the sale usually ends on Newyears Eve, so gifts maight be in play. I love many of the sounds from Kontakt, but don’t like the gui. DecentSampler is fine for many purposes, and with great sounds like Winter Voices, The Lamp, Array Mbira,
special instruments, and many fine pianos/guitars, there’s always something calling us out to play, and no complaints about the gui.



review: https://www.idesignsound.com/kontakt-6-review/

tutorial: https://youtu.be/Efc-2R9A-Ic