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Marcus Manderson

Wow. I’ve never paid attention the forum tab here. After all these years, I didn’t even realize there was a forum. I usually get here, get the new sounds and get out.

Markus: Thank you for creating this thread. When I started doing Pianobook demos maybe 2 years ago, I never planned on doing this many. I was hoping to do maybe 50 and then move on. What ended up happening is I made “Pianobook demo” creation as part of my weekly schedule. LOL. Sometimes I would say I’ll do as many demos as I can within an hour or I’ll say I want to get 10 demos in today.

What makes it even more interesting is working around the Kontakt Player limitations (yes, I’m saving up for Kontakt Full or hoping to win a contest with Kontakt as a prize…. I enter a lot of contests LOL).

Thank you, Markus! Great name too!