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Thanks for input, but that dose not seem to help. I downloaded the .zip file from Katherine Stone for ProphetX and unpacked it on Win10 laptop. I found all of the files except one: there is no .zip file in the last directory 13 Piano. There should be a file there with the instrument number and name with the format “#.Instrument_Name.zip”. That file is missing. Furthermore, the entire size of the uncompressed file is miniscule, less than 44K. Clearly, this is way too small to contain an entire sampled piano!!!

I’ve downloaded the .zip file from PianoBook three times thinking I got a corrupted file, but all 3 versions have the same issue (i.e. missing the sampled sound data). Is there another download link or could Katherine Stone guide me to another way to obtain the file with all the components? Many thanks to any/everyone who can help!!