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bo din

You have downloaded a zip file that contains the samples and the nki presets and the wav files that it will use.

As this is a bunch of free instrument patches for Kontakt, it will not show as a Library.
(Hardly anyone giving away a free library is going to pay NI for the required license to have it listed with a graphic under the Library tab, not through Pianobook anyway).

Obviously you need to extract the contents of the 1446586_NFOISOCollection_DanKeen.zip file you have downloaded to somewhere you would keep them safe.

1/ With Kontakt open, click on the floppy disk icon near the top right.

2/ Select Load…

3/ A folder will open and you then navigate to the folder where the nki file that you wish to load is.

4/ Click on the name of the instrument (or multi if available) and it should load.

More often than not these instruments (nki) or multis (nkm) will then automatically load the wave files for you.

However once in a while the person who made the library makes an error gets the path wrong and you will see a message saying that certain files cannot be found.

If that happens, click on the option to find the folder that contain the missing file(s) and then find the appropriate folder.

As you get into it you will find other ways using Quickload and the file browser but this will get you going hopefully.

Uploading images and Links to sites can be bloody hard work on this site, so I’ll add a dropbox link (which are deemed safe) so you can open an image of the first steps;