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My Decent Sampler Library folder on my PC has some problems. I’d like to understand how to fix them and prevent them.

I have a few instruments that have duplicate names, with one of them having “(Decent Sampler)” added to the name.
Slinky Violin is one of these.
In that case, the latter one contains only a .dslibrary file which is 148Mb.
The other one has a Samples file, 201Mb, and five small .dspreset files.
It shows up in Decent Sampler only once, but it reports “Unable to open this sample library.”
How can I fix it? How did this happen?

In the list of instruments shown in the App’s Browser, some instruments are listed twice, and there are three “Default” entries there.
There is one stand alone Default.dslibrary file in the PC Library folder, and one Default folder there.
The Default folder contains several piano .aif files and a Default.preset file, and a background.png file.
How can I fix it? How did this happen?

The Sampler’s Browser shows two Symbria entries.
There are no Symbria files or folders in my PC’s Decent Sampler Library folder.
If I select one of these in the sampler it show a picture of The Synth Orchestra and offers to load it in.
There is no folder called The Synth Orchestra on my PC and if I click to load it, it says “Unable to open this sample library.”
If I select the other one of these in the sampler it show picture of a different keyboard, and it also won’t load.

Aha! I just noticed that the location the Sampler is pointing to is on a different disk than the current library is.
I had to move the Library because of space restrictions on that drive. I did point the Sampler to the new location of the Library, but there are obviously pointers in some folders back to the old drive.

I just tried to Rescan the library, and now I have SIX default entries in the list in the sampler, and many more duplicates.

So it seems I should probably start from scratch. Can you give me some guidance how to do that to repair the Library?