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Nathan Clendenen

Hello everyone,

I’m Nathan from Denver, Colorado and I’m really excited to have found this community through spitfire audio, then Christian’s videos. I started a band when I was 14 and promptly emptied my bank account for a tascam 4 track to start self releasing music. I had a limited budget so I started learning to build whatever I could with Carvin instrument kits. In college, I did an introductory course at the Colorado School of Lutherie and built an acoustic guitar. After a hiatus to get married, have kids, and get my primary career going I have gotten back into all things music, including building studio gear. I also managed to coordinate a pandemic album with my NYC indy rock band formed in 2006 (the trembling turncoats).

My first sample pack I want to share will be the first harp I built for my daughter. It’s small, but sounds great with a torrified adorandack spruce top and maple body. Then I’ll tackle the yamaha u3 in my living room. Thank you so much for all your contributions and I hope to learn and share with everyone!