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So, I’m trapped in the submission error loop yet again. I try to submit a Sample Pack, and when I try to send the Zip, I get one bar, then two, then three, then it resets, and I get one, two, maybe three bars and it resets (Although in the real world, it doesn’t happen as quickly as this…). After doing this for a while I then get an error dialogue: ‘There was an error uploading your file:’ if I try again, then guess what happens? Exactly the same sequence…

Logging out and in again doesn’t help – I get exactly the same behaviour (IGETSB). Trying a different browser doesn’t help (IGETSB). Using a different computer doesn’t help (IGETSB). Using a different operating system doesn’t help (IGETSB). Trying different times and days doesn’t help (IGETSB). Trying to upload a different Sample Pack (I have a queue of uploads I would like to get through!) doesn’t help (IGETSB).

Previously, stopping submissions for a couple of months seemed to fix it… Is there a quota limit on submissions?

Any ideas how to break out of this?