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Nigel Gresswell

Morning. Here’s my thoughts about the Siel Piano. It is a very well sampled instrument and I could not find any faults in the playability of all the notes. You’ve obviously taken a lot of care over the sampling process. I really like the “honky tonk” effect and this for me is what makes this instrument stand out from the crowd. The chorus effect seemed to me to be very subtle if indeed it had any effect at all. Could this effect be cranked up do you think? I certainly preferred to have the Solid Bus EQ on as well as an added tape saturation which you recommended. To be honest I would even make these two effects part of the default instrument. Without them the default piano sound was a little to thin at least to my way of thinking. One issue I did notice was that this instrument is very CPU intensive. I’m using an Apple MacBook M1 chip? Also, and this is quite significant even after the sound has decayed the CPU meter is still registering at a high level. The only way I could resolve this was to hit the panic button in Kontakt. Also if the sustain on ADSR is raised the CPU goes into overdrive. I would consider not offering ADSR as an adjustable feature as it does not add much and might cause a CPU overload. All in all I really enjoyed playing the Siel and with that honky tonk effect it really is a cool instrument. Hope this is helpful. Good luck with the GUI which I will look forward to seeing when you publish on PB. Nigel