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My quick take on it, on Personal FB pages most people are only interested in what they like and don’t really care what you produce, unless they like similar music and are genuinely interested in what you do.

What does/can help is joining Groups on FB that are full of people who are or might be more interested in what you do, as an example, I posted a track in the ‘Spitfire Users Group’ on FB I made with a Pianobook Library (I don’t normally post stuff, my music is personal and don’t need validation or critiquing but posted on a thread as an example that not everyone uses SA Products to make stringy things all the time) and it got more hits from that post than what it did from people on my personal FB because people in that Group are interested in all kinds of music, even if it’s not their ‘thing’.

As has been said depends on why you want to promote yourself, many variables and so much choice.

Also consider, if you do choose many platforms, it takes much time to keep those all updated and coordinated, it can turn into a chore! or just set up a Soundcloud Page and point everyone to that, if you already haven’t.