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Just in case anyone is reading from Pianobook.

The error I see returning is in the ‘review-submit.j_s’ script. (Line 30).


Invalid regular expression: invalid property expression

Which I mentioned earlier, from my amateur js knowledge and what I’ve read, means it is trying to strip something out of the form (Code or an Emoji etc….) before posting and I think depending on what it is that has been included in the Post, the js doesn’t know what it is looking for and returns an error, that’s why I think it works sometimes and others is OK!

Just a guess though.

Hope it gets sorted as I like it here but can only take so much rejection (Error, can’t post etc….) before it gets….well you know…!

(I spent 30 mins the other day putting together a Reply to a post and it wouldn’t let me post it whatever I did, so gave up!)