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Do you mean Christian Henson Music channel?

Christian was a co-founder of Spitfire Audio and I believe Pianobook was Christian’s idea entirely.

I just think the best place for a forum about Pianobook is right here, on Pianobbook.

As someone who isn’t particularly interested in CH as a person (I do use Spitfire Libraries) but I am interested in Pianobook, I don’t want to interact or go to a site where there is no interaction or a way to sort possible issues out, and with someone who, as you said (IIRC), hasn’t posted here for a year so doesn’t seem that interested and wouldn’t know how to sort out issues here as isn’t that the job of the Admins/Mods?

there’s a pretty active discussion on Discord. You might want to check there…

I don’t really want to, or have to, sign up to yet another site, which I don’t use or have any interest in, when there is a Forum here that is for that very reason!

The 3rd Party ‘Spitfire Audio Users’ Page on FB gets more use and has more useful info than the Official Spitfire Audio FB Page, hence me asking if it was worthwhile setting a ‘Pianobook Users’ FB Page up.

I’ve searched Discord and cannot find any servers with pianobook in their name. So where exactly is the ‘active discussion’?

I did go and look but you even have to sign up to search, which, for me, isn’t worth the effort but thanks for looking.