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I changed my original wording from “Website Feedback” to feedbackk and was finally able to post the previous reply !

I find it works when it wants to!

Yeah it does that for me, loads the Website Feedback page on Page 6 then have to click to the last page (As there is no option just to go to ‘Last Page’.

From my amateur knowledge and looking at the code for the error, it seems when you post, it tries to strip certain Words/Emojis/Code from the Post and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, as they use bbPress, maybe it needs updating?

As you mention, what is frustrating as someone who might want to participate more is there is no feedback whatsoever from any Mods/Admin when a problem is pointed out, wonder if it would be worthwhile setting up a separate Forum elsewhere, there’s not even a FB Page, it get’s mentioned on the Spitfire FB Page but redirects to, yep! you guessed it, someones Youtube Channel!

It almost feels like they don’t want people here!