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I am looking at MSoundfactory from the view point of a creator of libraries.

Ok, in general that’s fine for you to do. However, for the PianoBook project, I see little benefit. People can create DecentSampler (DS) or SFZ instruments without buying any extra software. They can easily open any of the hundreds of instruments in DS format (or the smaller number of SFZ) and examine and update the code or just see how a particular feature was achieved for their own use. Kontakt and EXS have the benefit of having a large user base. MSoundfactory is not free (for creators), not open, and does not have a large user base. It seems like the Sony Betamax of samplers (which is to say technically better does not always win in the marketplace).
So if you want to create a sample instrument that lots of PianoBook users will actually use, you might want to create it in one of the formats mentioned above.