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Tapsa Kuusniemi

It is a proprietary format from what I can gather which goes against what Pianobook stands for, as can’t find any info about opening the .msample format used by MSoundfactory by other Apps!

Well, if you happen to compress the samples in Kontakt you can’t open them either…

Personally I would have problems sharing samples in multiple formats as a lot of things here are already in multiple format.

Just to add, the Effects in MSoundfactory may look impressive, but for me, way too many options and as most built into most DAWS are mostly efficient/good enough or 3rd Party ones (Free or Paid) do the job, no real need for more, they can’t do what you may already have installed or are available as single Plugins.

I am looking at MSoundfactory from the view point of a creator of libraries. And for that the possibility of using the Melda effects as part of an instrument is a big thing. You can easily build up complex instruments with it. If I have something in mind that I would want to create instrument wise then I can’t rely on what someone using the instrument has on their system and here the Melda effects beat the effects in say Kontakt.