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The download page says “The sampler also features a powerful sample bank system, so that you can put all samples in a single highly compressed yet fast repository for caching and distribution.” Is the proprietary file format required? Pianobook prefers that the original wav files are available for downloaders so there is not such a distinction between creators and users. Get the samples and use them how you like. This is the beauty of the SFZ and DecentSampler formats. If I download a samplepack in MSoundfactory format, how easy is it for me to alter it?

I’ve just recently installed MSoundfactory to try the Free Grand Piano and unfortunately, as it sounds great, am about to uninstall it, from what I’ve seen, after a quick search, there are no Free Libraries anywhere (Apart from the Piano), unless the OP knows of any links?

It is a proprietary format from what I can gather which goes against what Pianobook stands for, as can’t find any info about opening the .msample format used by MSoundfactory by other Apps!

Think this would be like reinventing the wheel and the MSoundfactoryPlayer is not very workflow friendly IMHO, plus it didn’t work properly as when trying to select an Instrument from the Menus is just kept automatically scrolling through them…..Very convoluted and confusing, when with DS I can just load what I want and play and can freely edit anything I want. I can even just make my own Library from Samples I’ve D/L’d for my own use easily, not something that MSoundfactory is designed to do.

Just my .2c