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Hello, thought I’d venture out from my retirement hermit cave and try to turn some of my favorite old toys into VI. I have a long and troubled history in the music business and I am most definitely one of the 99% that Christian speaks of that just couldn’t take the narcists and the ever so pervasive thievery anymore. Finding Spitfire helped bring the ‘oohh’ factor back to the creative process rather than being triggered right off. I’m so very thankful for that. Maybe I’m just a cantankerous old fart these days, but I don’t care if any of my works ever gets released ever again because I purposefully didn’t compose or record any of them for any one else. (besides which, ‘they’re not finished yet’) ((reference to a comment made on the Christmas live stream) 😉 So the short version of an introduction would go something like; a lot broken, but still a bit of a glib smart ass, with some nice toys, willing to share. Thanks for doing this, you guys are for real ‘inspiring’