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@ bo din

It looks like it’s a WordPress Site to me and the Forum is just an add on, plus if the site is being managed by Volunteers then maybe they don’t have the expertise or time to turn these options on, if they indeed are included in the SW?

The interaction could be more on here methinks if the options were enabled and I’ve read some of your points in other posts, it does seem strange that a userbase of 45k doesn’t use the Forum more from the base of Pianobook or they promote the use of it more, not everyone uses YT to interact with people as it’s not set up really for that and questions get lost in the feed, especially if there are lots typing.

There seems to be a separation of thought about the Forum, I’d love it to be more active, especially as a new user to PB and making music with it’s products and Spitfire!

Although the Spitfire Forum seems quite popular compared to here, as a long term Forum user in the past I do find it weird it’s not used more.