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Sam Ecoff

I had a similar experience to the one you’re describing, Eamon. I was pleased to find out that my library will be released as part of the Advent Calendar after I fixed the issues. I just ended up uploading the whole thing a second time once I’d fixed the issues. That took a bit of doing as the library is a whopping 9.9 GB. I feel for the the people who have to work through everything before its posted. I don’t know to what extent Spitfire is involved in paying staff to handle such duties, or if they’re paid at all. They might all be volunteers for all I know, so I’ve been careful to tread lightly, to try to set my frustrations aside, and to approach with respect. I think the site is going through some growing pains at the moment, and I think they will work themselves out eventually. I don’t know what percentage of PianoBook users are also Spitfire customers, but hopefully Spitfire sees some value to their company in supporting Piano Book. Every single sample library I bought this past year was from Spitfire. Hopefully they’re aware of those connections.

BTW, loved your Shakuhachi library, Eamon!


Sam E.