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bo din

And therein lies the problem. I would have to watch a video on yt to find out what is happening on Pianobook. Makes little sense too me. And why can’t we have a clickable link to open the videos that they embed on the site in yt ? That takes planning.

Basically, Mr Henson does his bit and moves on. I’m not saying he forgets, I’m saying he moves on to the next big thing that interests him enough to hold his attention.

Find his last post (his only post in well over a year) and see if he follows it up. Hold on, hold on, give him chance, it’s only been five weeks.

Look on in awe as about one post every six months actually gets a response from a keyholder/admin.

But, for all my bellyaching, I still peruse the site to see if it suddenly springs into life.