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Davis Hill

I’ve been using Pianobook for a while now but I only just saw the forum section lol.
I’m QUALTHEBEAN, a producer from North Carolina, US.
I’ve only been into music production for a year and a half, so I’m not great, but I’m getting there lol.
I constantly use Pianobook instruments, especially the pianos. I’ll start sampling eventually but I don’t have a spare $1000 for a good mic rn.
I’d like to make music a career some day but that is a bit difficult considering producing is not the most stable of jobs, and I want something I can raise a family on (and preferably collect synths with lol but that’s prolly gonna be an unrealized dream).
My goal is to learn DSP in college and go program for a plugin company or something, like Native Instruments or Izotope. If anyone has any advice regarding this, please reach out.
This community is a very kind and generous one, and I want to thank everyone who uploads things. Many of these instruments could easily be commercially sold for a decent profit, but you put it here instead. Thanks to you from me and all the other bedroom producers who don’t have $100 to spend on expensive plugins and such.
Anywho, talk to you guys later!