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Hi Phil,

First, no need to apologize. I’ll admit that I won’t be the best advisor on here, but I can, point you to a couple of resources that are helpful for me as I go through the learning curve.

Have you read through the How to Sample Guide a couple of times yet? You’ll find it in the ‘Resources’ menu. For me, it sinks in better on each read-through. It focuses on piano, but don’t let that throw you. It also walks you through a more involved sampling exercise than necessary, suggesting more samples than one and at varying velocities. You don’t have to get this detailed to begin. You may decide to at least run through sampling one ‘cycle of 5ths’ to improve your results across multiple octaves. There is also a good guide on how to prepare and package your samples for sharing on the site. No need for GUI development and such.

If you find the piano references distracting, I’ve also found David Hilowitz’ video guides to be helpful. Search for ‘David Hilowitz Music’

Hope this helps! Good luck and Have fun!