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bo din

Not sure if this is what you meant but hopefully it covers it all.

The zip download contains another zip file which you will have to extract to get at the kontakt patches and the associated .aif files.

Using Ethnic Flute’s (longs).nki as an example;

After loading the nki, you need to select Browse for files and navigate to the appropriate folder and click on the missing samples.

If you like the instrument, use the Load/Save (floppy disc icon) and select Save as…

Then double-click on the name that pops up and in the dialogue box that opens, select Patch and Samples option and then click on Save.

You will now have two folders; ‘Ethnic Flute’s (longs) Samples’ and ‘longs samples’. Delete ‘longs samples’ and that’s it.

Repeat as necessary with the other patches.