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Sam Ecoff

Thanks for all of the hard work and congratulations on the new website. It’s really outstanding. I noticed a couple of things as I was working with it.

First, the Kontakt links to Jon Meyer’s handbells both download the “Velocity Fixed” .nki file, but nether one will allow you to download the original instrument and samples.

Second, while the system of reviews and ratings is really going to help people find the very best libraries, it’s left older libraries forgotten. I suppose that the answer is to release new libraries and hope that people will discover your older material, but it appears that one of my libraries which used to live on the ‘highlights’ page has no reviews and I fear it will be forgotten completely. Any thoughts about how that might be corrected? Also, I noticed that most of the newer libraries have embedded piano drop videos. Is there a way we can add YouTube Links to the older videos Christian made before the days of Piano drops?

Last, upon uploading a new submission last night, I noticed that you can indicate only one format for your submission. What if you’re submitting in multiple formats simultaneously? Shouldn’t the selection be check boxes and not radio buttons?