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bo din

This is a reply to Kiko’s post about Editing a submitted library in the main forum pages, but I can’t post the reply there for love nor money. Maybe someone else can point him to to this or just copy it over.

As luck would have it, I have just come across the Contact link down at the bottom of any Pianobook page;

It ask for user name and email address and then has a Subject line with a drop down list to select from, as follows;

Feedback / Feature Request

Edit, Change, or Remove Your Submission

Account Query / Data Request

Demo Query

Website Bug

Issue with Sample Pack

Request to contact Christian Henson

Something else

After that there is a message box.

I have posted all the options so that you are prepared for what is there and to mention the dropdown arrow is at the extreme right of the line and if your software doesn’t show the choices, I could send a message to Pianobook on your behalf referring to this thread, given that I have found out how to.