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Ronan McDermott

Greetings everyone. I’m Ronan, from Ireland, but now living in Kyiv, Ukraine. (Got here via London, Brighton (UK), Guyana, St. Lucia, Pakistan, USA and Switzerland. So I do like sampled pianos, rather than real ones….
I’m not a full Kontact user – too many bells and whistles. Actually, I’m a bass player, but former studio engineer (it was the nineteen eighties and it was fully analogue until that fateful day we robbed a bank and bought an Alesis MidiVerb – but that’s another story). I do have the Kontakt player – specifically because I couldn’t not buy Nils Frahm’s Una Corda. Lots of analogue hardware (well, some), but mainly working in the box – Harrison Mixbus is my DAW of choice, with a PreSonus Faderport 8. Arturia Keylab Essentials 61, Keystep37, Akai LPD8 controllers. I tinker with DIY midi controllers to make things the other devices don’t do. But every time I come up with a great idea for some hardware, I discover someone has done it in software… I have an Arturia Minibrute (The first one, but with the SysEx “hack” to make it Sequence rather than Arpeggiate). I’ve just ordered a TC Electronic Flashback 2 X4 pedal which I’m going to put between the headphone output of the Minibrute, then back into the Audio In. Watch for blue smoke rising from Kyiv…..

Full marks to the Pianobook Team – the world is a better place for your efforts. I hope I can contribute in some small way.