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bo din

I just checked my profile and it said I have made 226 replies but when I click on the link to replies created it show 318.
Also it shows @bodinal (maybe instagram thing) but I have left all my things blank (I only have youtube account anyway).
I only ever used bodinal when getting an account because it wouldn’t allow me to put bo din on the form.

And I want my profile image to show up in the forum ! Is someone checking them to make sure they are acceptable ?

I completely missed the grand relaunch yesterday as I was sure it was on Thursday. I even posted something about it being the end of the site that went up but was promptly removed.
I thought there was a lot of traffic but just went with it. But today when I opened youtube it was showing wall-to-wall Christian Henson Music videos and the penny dropped.

So the real changes have been to the repository and how we review the libraries.
The forum, once again, has to wait for Pete (?) to find time to fix the kind of things Jonathan MacKenzie mentioned earlier.
And I still wonder if Notify me of follow-up replies via email works or has ever worked ?

And it would be nice to have a preview facility before posting our reply….