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Hi everyone, I’m Samuel Scott. I compose music for film and tv with Conrad Wedde and Luke Buda. We work under the moniker Moniker and scored three independent films with Taika Waititi (Eagle Vs Shark, Boy and Hunt For The Wilderpeople) before he became the MCU directing megastar he is today. Those films are great, check them out if you haven’t yet. We also made the music for three series of the Netflix/Activision show Skylanders Academy, the Sundance channels Cleverman, NZ films like This Town and Beyond The Known World and contributed a few things to the film and subsequent HBO tv series What We Do In The Shadows and numerous other projects.

We are also half of the band The Phoenix Foundation.

All three of us muck about making our own sample libraries. We got a bit deeper into this for the canadian film Night Raiders which is currently touring film festivals. It’s great low budget sci-fi with a really well crafted heart. The music had to feel like it was from the future, but a future where technologies were limited and somewhat broken. Hence lots of low-fi sampling. I’ve just uploaded a kontakt library of an instrument we used a lot made from saxophone samples. It’s very washy late 70s eno but with this breathy human element that makes it synth like but with human ghosts buried in there. Hopefully it gets approved, I am pretty bad at the kontakt script editor stuff. I’ll try harder next time!

We have some other instruments from that film that we might upload too including some really useful bowed texture stuff.

Anyway, I love pianobook and spitfire labs, and all this open source sound sharing so its fun to try and join in for once!

thanks Sam