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Yeah-not sure exactly what you know or don’t. But these are all kontakt/sampler instruments, and to my knowledge, or at least in the case of all (or most) of the libraries that I have saved currently, there are almost invariably .wav files contained within the .zip.

You just need to go into the folder containing the instrument (.nki files for kontakt or whatever sampler you use will have a unique file type), and (this is the case for kontakt instruments cause this is what I mainly use) you will find a folder, usually named “instrument x samples”, there you will find the .wav files that the sampler accesses. I will do this sometimes if there isn’t a kontakt library for a particular instrument I like.. I will just drag the file straight into the sampler and it will stretch that note across the keyboard.

Do you have a sampler? If not you can possibly just find the .wav’s within the folders and drag them straight into your DAW and do what you want with them. If not you can use the DecentSampler, which is free, and most (many?) instruments here have a DecentSampler (DS) version.