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AvatarJonathan Ammons


New to the piano book community. Endless thanks to the time and effort that you all have thrown into these instruments! What an incredible resource!

I’m a journalist and radio producer living in Asheville, North Carolina in the US. I used to make music for a living before falling into a career in journalism and culinary writing and development. But when I was given a radio show to produce, I started composing again and ended up making music and rebuilding my old studio.

I’ve always believed that it shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg to produce quality, professional music. I ditched ProTools a few years ago for Logic — vowing never to use subscription model software. Built most of the software side of my studio with freeware soft synths and samplers, occasionally splurging on a Black Friday here and there for something necessary. So this kind of community is exactly what I’m looking for!

If you’d like to hear the kind of stuff I make, I released a new album in January; songs drawn from 8 years as a reporter writing about poverty and hunger in my pocket of the US, and the people struggling to survive in cut-throat modern America. You can hear it here:

Just wanted to say hello and give a big THANK YOU to all of the contributors who have helped to build this incredible database of quality instruments!

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