What advice for microphones/mic placement? Dynamic? Condenser? Polar patterns? Budget options? Stereo?

Most recordings of pianos make use of one or more stereo pairs of condenser microphones – anything from a pair of large diaphragm Neumanns, through to Aston Spirit microphones, to a simple pair of small diaphragm condensers. Whilst Condenser microphones are typically used, you could get great results from something like a Shure SM58. Microphone placement and polar pattern will depend on the particular piano, the room and whatever sounds best!

For the Winter Piano a pair of Neuman M149 were used, placed in a 3:1 ratio, where the microphones are placed 3 times as far apart as they are from the sound source. This helps with phase issues (which are more likely if the two microphones are pointing at the same point).


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